HALOCK Presents CIS RAM Webinar On April 30th

By April 16, 2018 Events

Information Security and Risk professionals are faced with the need to satisfy many interested parties, all of which have vastly different concerns. Whether you are an Executive, Attorney, Regulator, Customer/Supplier or IT Security Professional, the DoCRA based CIS RAM addresses the unique challenges of multiple interested parties.

CIS RAM: Cyber Security Management Just Became Reasonable

HALOCK Security Labs and CIS (Center for Internet Security) have co-developed the CIS Risk Assessment Method (RAM) to help organizations find their balance between security and business while evaluating and implementing the CIS Controls.

CIS RAM helps organizations define their acceptable level of risk, and determine whether their use of the CIS Controls is risk-appropriate. This new method is the first to be based on the Duty of Care Risk Analysis Standard (DoCRA) so it helps organizations evaluate cyber risk in a way that is clear to legal authorities, regulators, executives, lay people, and security practitioners.

CIS RAM and DoCRA are designed on the concept of “reasonable” and “appropriate” risk that is so common to cyber security regulations and security controls standards. This helps organizations evaluate for themselves whether their controls are defensible to all interested parties for compliance or litigation concerns. Learn more about CIS RAM.

Join us for a webinar on April 30th at 9:00 AM CST to learn how CIS RAM can enhance your security strategy.

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