Data Privacy & Security

In a world increasingly driven by electronic communication and e-commerce, data privacy and security are vital to safeguarding your company’s crown jewels – such as your intellectual property, proprietary information, customer, employee and vendor information. Federal, state and local governments also rely on electronic records and communications and must protect citizen and government data.

Financial/Legal/Commercial Sectors

Financial institutions, law firms and the commercial sector generally are high-value targets for hackers – as client data, financial and other personal information and intellectual property are the focus of cyber-espionage and other attacks on our economy.

Critical Infrastructure/Utilities

Whether it is an IT system, a sewer system or an electric grid, our critical infrastructure must be prepared for a cyber attack to ensure the public’s health and safety.

Hospitals/Universities/Health Plans

Medical, research and health plan data contain a vast amount of sensitive and valuable information about patients, research subjects and enrollees that is ripe for resale and cyber-espionage purposes. .svg

State & Local Governments

As we have recently seen, personal data of citizens and government employees and classified government data are all susceptible to cyber threats that can jeopardize our country’s security.

Focus On Prevention

The question is not if… or when… but how long has a hacker been in your systems. To help secure your crown jewels, you must implement various preventative measures, not just technical methods.  Cyber preparedness includes security awareness, risk assessment, vendor management, governance, employee training, table top exercises, dark web monitoring, incident response planning, cyber threat sharing, insider threat programs and much more. These are all critical components to a successful cyber security program.

It takes a village to prepare and respond to a cyber attack. It is essential to take a multidisciplinary approach and involve your IT, Risk, Legal, Human Resources, Public and Government Relations Staff and others to combat cyber crime.

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